Research Interests

Population Economics, Labor Economics, Public Economics, Applied Microeconometrics – in particular relating to the Economics of Ageing and the Labor Market of Older Workers

Motivation for Science

How can the state/firms/society cope with (and benefit from) an aging population? What threats do older workers currently face on the labor market? Why are firms reluctant to retain older workers?

Work in Progress

Wage rigidity at the firm level: insurance of lack of information?
Working Paper (full text available on request)
May 2017

Wage flexibility of older workers and the role of institutions – evidence from the German LIAB data set
Working Paper
February 2017

Contracting frictions and inefficient layoffs of older workers (new version coming soon!)
Working Paper
August 2016

Precluding renegotiation vs. renegotiation under asymmetric information in a directed search model — a payoff-equivalence result
November 2015

PhD Thesis, Working Title: Population aging and the labor market of older workers.
Supervisors: Michael Reiter, Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS); Monika Gehrig-Merz, University of Vienna

Completed Work

Produktivität durch Soziale Kohäsion: Der Beitrag der österreichischen Sozialmiete
Edwin Deutsch and Martin Kerndler
In G. Biffl and N. Dimmel, editors, Migrationsmanagement 2 — Wohnen im Zusammenwirken mit Migration und Integration
omninum Verlag, ISBN 3990310186, January 2016

Industrial Diversity, Spatial Differentiation and Social Cohesion: Communicative Structures in the "Housing Topos"
Edwin Deutsch and Martin Kerndler
Report for the OeNB Jubilee Fund (Project No. 14292)
March 2014

The twin hypothesis of education and retirement
MSc Thesis, Vienna University of Technology
Supervisor: Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Vienna University of Technology
September 2013