Metamorphosis of Europe

Simulations of a new Global Political Economy?

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December 12-13, 2013

Vienna University of Technology and Austrian Chamber of Labour

The workshop will discuss the following issues:

Topic 1: What are the most important recent developments in Europe
Topic 2: How can they be understood as being embedded in global developments
Topic 3: What kind of positive vision follows for Europe‘s future
Topic 4: What economic policy measures and financial architecture are needed to get there
Topic 5: Which simulation models are needed to support European economic policy

Content of the Conference:

This meeting will focus on proposals for the design of a restructured European Union. After the long period of positive – though decelerating – real economic GDP growth in Europe, which was accommodated by a more or less stable set of institutions, several important recent phenomena indicate that this type of growth regime will rapidly be unable to maintain European welfare. The structure of Europe’s political economy has entered a new type of dynamics: metamorphosis.

On the first day of the meeting we will focus on determining the set of most important recent developments in Europe (e.g. unemployment, financial stresses, institutiona defeciencies, etc.). Special emphasis will be laid on the need to embed European evolution in global developments. The result of day 1 shall be a vision of Europe’s future.

The second day will focus on the instruments of economic policy which could get Europe closer to this vision. In this context, simulation models providing (quantitatively specied) scenario,s will be discussed. The result of day 2 shall be the formation of working teams further developing the ideas elaborated during the meeting. The final goal is that these teams then produce publications.

Format of the conference:

The sessions will be structured by short introductory statements (20 minutes) followed by extensive open debates (90 minutes). On both days, sessions will start at 9 a.m. and will end at 5 p.m. Participation in the workshop is free, snacks and coffee will be provided. Moreover, some arangements for lunch and dinner will be offered.

The conference will be hosted by the Austrian Chamber of Labour at:
Vienna, 1040, Theresianumgasse 16-18, Seminarraum 21 a/b.

Organizing Committee of the Workshop:

Hardy Hanappi (TU Vienna), Bernhard Rengs (TU Vienna), Manuel Wäckerle (WU Vienna),
Svatopluk Kapounek (Mendel Univ. Brno), Markus Marterbauer (AK Vienna),
Savvas Katsikides (Univ. of Cyprus), Gábor Kutasi (Corvinus Univ. Budapest),
Jarko Fidrmuc (Zeppelin Univ. Friedrichshafen), Alin Andries (Cuza Univ. of Iasi)

Contact (for information and registration):

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